Graal era female sets. Hello, this is the head that I made :> . A casual Graal Online Era player that loves to collect cute items and things that may interest me. 3R4 Girl #2 . . RAIN TO THE BOW with cute body shots . To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here . <– head i made for gio, (long story short) he hated it, i almost . 4) Private shields/swords cost 2500 gralats. Cc bodies. Set transperency for ones with a coloured background. No Sanity. ”. Squid girl-ish Sets. When it comes to heads I can only recolor it. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: . Feel free to check it out since, yk, we’re no longer . Oh I don't know, sometimes if the girl is slutty enough, fake tits look amazing on a girl. She was new to Graal in 2013 and thought wing shield codes were the coolest thing (like every other newbie. December 17, 2020 December 18, 2020 Seyan Gfx Leave a comment. Mavis Recolors. It took me a long time and I only ended up making 2/5 requests blink (sorry!). A casual Graal Online Era player that loves to collect cute items and things that may Male Heads - GUNNER GFX. Follow Following. Inspiring Poems, Articles, Pictures and much more!!! Male Heads. i may come back to graal depends i'll think about it but thank you for those who have been there for me and supported me <33 i hope u all . Jordan Bells says: December 28, 2015 at 2:28 pm Reply. Hello everyone! I'm Sean an old player of Graal online classic! . Whether you are looking for cat/non-human Bodies on Graal Classic, Graal Era, Graal Ol’West, or Graal Zone, we have several options for you! We will be featuring several amazing GFX artists. Newer, recent heads at bottom. HUGE DARK RECOLOR COLLECTION!!!!! As promised!! :D. by Titaniur. Extensions of Korean Collection. But if someone ask you who made it, please say its Rawrzy Auralee or give my website adress. Graal Era Uploads. ~DONT Set Transparency on BOTH~. WE REPEAT DO NOT SET TRANSPARENCY. Home; Contact; Requests; Search for: Search:D. Male, Female and non-human heads/bodies. which head? and ill fix it for you. Get Started. Bubbly Waitress Sets. Archives. Click on any head 2. Posted on 23 August, 2016. Male Heads (GIF) - Tarrasque GFX – Graalonline . Enjoy and God Bless. Mode. A maximum of 5 artists will be chosen. “Set Transparency” for body. (Not the one with the hair to the side. Crayon says: 16th Mar 2018 at 11:24 pm. Set transparency as always! We have right herey old Bonnie and Toy Bonnie ;) Posted by Graal Era Female Bodies Cc SET TRANSPARENCY. 🐰[português]🐰. October 29, 2020 ~ Jo* ~ 1 Comment. i found some old finished heads saved on my computer so i thought why not post them. Public Sword – 1,000 gralats Personal Sword – 2,500 gralats. One doll cost 350-400 tro (With any Gif you Like). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 17 November, 2020 ~ Arigato ~ Leave a comment. Female straight blonde hair with cat ears and turquoise eyes. Super girl! Like this: Like. The girl upload in the left side is the one from the header image of this site. Braids on Braids. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts through email. Email Address: Follow Check out original posts for more information(which flag is which, credits, colors, whether to set transparency) Female – Hembra; Male – Masculino; Public Shields – Códigos de Escudo; Prices / Request Edit; FSO GFX. S. weebly. Recolored bear (#4) Here are the bodies that match those heads above. August 15, 2017 ~ IsaacArtGFX. Cai’s Edits. Reviewed By:MadMax Dn. Just Remember That You CAN Copy And Paste, Writing It Takes Too Long!!-HERES SOME <blink> text here will blink <b> Bold <u> underline Check home since I'm lazy to update this welcome. woozina says: May 18, 2018 at 4:38 pm. If there are any problems leave a comment in the comment section. May 14, 2018 May 14, 2018 kayla . so my name is Fluffy#Charm . Home; Male Heads And . For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! Get Classic Free Get Era Free Get Zone Free GraalOnline policy will respect each individual player's privacy to communicate unless there is a reasonable concern that such conversations relate to bug abuse, disruptive behavior, or other illegal activities. Gfx site for Graal. September 1, 2014. Head Custom – 20,000 gralats Body Custom – 10,000 gralats. Menu. 5)A kawaii cat-girl. Contact Me. Probably because we like doing gifs for females! . Credits go to Tam. Non-human. 9) A cool head with highlites. com https://eraupload. Jenny says: July 5, 2014 at 3:41 pm Do you need to put set transparently on all on them? Reply. I have no idea how other gfx artists can mass-produce blinking heads). png or setsword zeus-sword. <— MATCHING CUSTOMS ;)) i made the girl head basically from scratch so give creds to me. Click on this link if you want to hangout and chill. Left one is boy, right one girl. A Graal body will cost 10,000 gralats (or Upload Tokens) if it is uploaded to the game. if you see any other person with this head or my old head ITS NOT ME! theres a girl around era her name is helena adams! and shes not me! she ifiled my head. And if you’d like to see some new updates, click the button below. Female brown pigtails with white hair ties, black eyes, and pacifier. And she created herself a matching head and body set from an app, Juniper’s Knot. It must be made clear that all actions and conversations within GraalOnline are subject to monitoring. 7,103 babes; Create a website or blog at WordPress. Camicami - Amazing head & body uploads! Game files and sounds from GraalOnline Era. these are customs i made for a friend (brad) from gunnergraal. Strawberry Panic! Inspired. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Posts 2011 (1) June (1) Chatbox; Awesome Inc. Female Custom Sets; graal templates; other websites; commissions (soon). The Cat Gray. Hi everyone , this is a preview of couple sets . graalonline. Welcome to the Female Heads Section! Here are over 100+ FREE Female Heads template from others site for GraalOnline Classic, GraalOnline Era, GraalOnline Zone, GraalOnline Ol’West and more GraalOnline Servers! This page let you find male heads easier and it’s FREE head’s template! Evil-looking female cat sets. Braid Set. Graaloween set for boys :) Like I promised. 13 December, 2020 13 December, 2020 ~ MrM. Streetwear Apparel Coming Soon! May 27, 2017. As the internet gets more and more complex and, unfortunately, it inevitably gets easier to steal Graal customs and claim you are the original creator, I’ve decided to finally just open up a website for my lovely fans out there! C: although I will never give out my favorite customs or do person orders, I will release some of The Legendary head. Direction. Even a single pixel throughout any of the frames or the entire graphic can corrupt the image so please ensure your graphic . These two purses are meant to be shields for the fashionable female graalian . Ifiled heads: Bodies: Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. (Linda) Jordyn. October 29, 2016. When I rebuild my menu yesterday, I noticed how little boys uploads I offer compared to the female ones. Set transparency for the body. Male Heads; Male Bodies; Male CC Body; Male Sets; Female. bodies. The original head can be found on graal depot. There’s now a menu at the top where the button is. • I currently am only accepting Amazon Gift Cards as payment, since I’m still looking to set up other payment . a simple graal customs. Hello everyone, since Sof is doing a great job with female heads and sets, I can focus on male items more. ⭐️credit goes to poochy , bilsan and to the original owners⭐️-Kyyy Hello everyone, i’m the owner of this website and i constantly change my name lol some of you might know me as Eith, Eve, Xiu or Arue lol but now my name would be Etoria. Unique Graal Customs Customize; Follow Following; Sign up; Log in; Report this content; View site in Reader Manage subscriptions; Collapse this bar Posts about Female Heads And Bodies written by max261099. 0. Graal Bodies. 6 thoughts on “ Female sets ” Pingback: FEMALES XXIII – ManyOneGfx. Florensgraphics. Set trans for both bodies. hello yes hi. What do you use to make the heads blink? american ghost jack anime anime customs boys cc comic cookiegfx derpola Ever After High gfx girls graalonline hiring indexed inuyasha jack the american ghost K-pop lyvia male minor edit my hero academia myheroacademia no game no life OC personal sakaguchi Space Boy staff stories strawberry thicc urgent webtoon webtoons Sets (female) Contact; Search for: Follow Blog via Email. 3) A nice red head for girls. Some of these bodies are NOT color changeable! But some are! sorry not all of them are, mostly the bodies toward the bottom are NOT color changeable because those are my older posts and i didn’t know how to make them color changeable at the time! leave a comment or contact me if you aren’t sure if a body is color changeable and need me to make it color changeable for you. I was going to post the original files, but Female Heads; Male heads; Female Bodies; Sets; Other sites <33; Search for: Views. Personals. September 23, 2018. Thanks to all who voted! Here is a preview of the heads I will be posting. Inspired by Cilia R. A. com. Hello. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. Bangs – agartha (made changes + reshaded the bangs and side view bangs is from scratch) Eyes – jun. The color palettes used for these set of uploads are based on the graal body color editor colors (not including VIP colors). Im also helping to post on this site 🙂 Heres two pigtail heads w diff blinks! Posted on 8 Mar 2021. Shares: 4. Posted on May 29, 2021 May 29, 2021 by fso. Hello . graal customs. Since 5/16/15 full of randomness. Don’t set transparency for the head. ctto. November 2019; June 2017; December 2015; October 2015; September 2015; R a m & R e m -CXu. Likes: 7. I kind of experimented with the eyes so it may look a bit weird but you’ll get used to it. *YOU NEED SET TRANSPARENCY FOR SOME OF THEM OR ELSE IT WON'T WORK* I edited this body only, Originally From Eranox. = file name: zeussword. Get Started a lot of people like the purple like marta and me! we want to see this head around graal!! XD CHRISTMAS!! this awesome head is one of the bests heads of that site ! try it with that awesome body to! <–(not mine) OTHERS!!<3<3(mines) (body from lolagraal) *EDIT FROM CURLY HAIR Set transperency for ones with a coloured background I made an ANBU Girl Body a while ago and now i edited it so Boys can get it too ^-^ its actually Kakashi’s ANBU outfit but u can use this Body also to be any other ANBU member! $. Home. ”I started and created this “original” project on May 24, 2017 and during the next few days to weeks I will be working on these uploads, including several other’s that aren’t shown in the sprite sheet preview below. non- human/other. Delinquents. I started and created this “original” project on May 24, 2017 and during the next few days . My head is the pink one and hers is the downgraded version which she uploaded on both her accounts. Enjoy! . Katen <3. so this is one of the heads i made from scratch, body edited from dathipstergirl. Menu Home; October 25, 2020 October 25, 2020 ~ Star ~ Leave a comment. 387,259 Randoms; Follow LyraGfx on WordPress. Pm me on graal. Credits given in our posts. vithalegfx. Other Sites! Feedback. 22. Create A New Head Editing System. Basu Sisters. On July 25, 2020 By Mina <3 Leave a comment. graal aesthetics (~uwu)~ Outcasted Gfx. personwithmusatche says: May 6, 2013 at . I made a lot of changes to the site as you can see. July 3, 2021 ~ Mof ~ Leave a comment. Seraph Of The End. braid braid's. graal heads, Graal Online, graal online classic, graal online era, graal online olwest, graalgfx, Graaloween, original, Original Heads, scratch | Leave a reply Not Dead Yet! Female Heads. Menu About; Contact; A Bridal Gown September 9, 2017 Beautiful Gown For Parties September 9, 2017 September 9, 2017 Another blog post September 9, 2017 September 9, 2017 A Cute Girl With Badger Hat September 9, 2017 September 9, 2017 Another blog post three September 9, 2017 September 9, 2017. Rainbow head. R a m & R e m -CXu. Feel free to use these for graal videos! Download here Making graal kawaii one edit at a time~ :3. These are only edits I did not make from scratch! Make sure to “set transparency” on blinking heads and color changeable bodies! Do not “set transparency” for these heads. + i found this weird head edit i’ve made that has bear ears that looks kinda cute so I . I’ll be posting every Wednesday. ChaoSQueeN HarleY – Quin (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol’ West] Ven (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol’ West] Psycho Kizza (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol’ West] redd (5uici November 22, 2021 brydengfx 1 Comment. Anyways, here you go! I hope you enjoy it! Credits to original owners, because it was a very small edit. Peachesgfx. Credits to aruegfx:o:o. Twin set. this one is like basically a head made from scratch so GIVE CREDS TO MEEE. Hullo there! This is the page for Female Uploads. June 21, 2018. Hey! This my new gfx blog for graal. Boy Bodies; Boy Heads; Girl Bodies; Girl Heads; Home; Unisex Bodies; Unisex Heads; Protected: for Emily. There is only 3 pages: Boy Heads, Girl Heads, Boy Bodies and Girl Bodies. Here is a little graal cosplay in tribute to a kawaii figure of Dark Magician Girl. Overall Female body *set trans* -Kayla. If there’s any problems pls. (Original Head from Graal Depot) *SET TRANSPARENCY*-Kätt Due to a high request to make bodies I shall start making body’s now too! It will mainly be edits xD but I’ll try my best to make it original c: Please tell me what you would like to see! pretty neat gfx. classicbody2. Hope he likes it (: Edited to be my personal from awhile ago, original head from TRPG<3. cc = color changeable. CREDITS: agarthagfx for head and extensions eyes from cutiefactory and the body was found on ayagfx i dont know the original site ;3; IM STILL ALIVE! HERE IS THIS OLD PERSONAL OF MINE! This was going to my personals, but i havent posted Don’t Set Transparency for either You can contact me on Discord: Leuk#6634 or in Graal Leuk(Festive) if you want anything edited to the head or what not 😀 . Add New Rare Head And Bodies Sets. Hi, I'm Tutti, and I am terrible at being an active gfx artist. 2 Transportation 3. I have done PNG and GIF for the female set. and shes making lies about me. ⬇ Download female cat - stock pictures and images in the best photography agency reasonable prices millions of high quality and royalty-free stock photos and images. Jessie Brawl Star. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Katie Adams Set. Bodies; Sets; Female Heads. Also , the boy head was 1st edited by a friend of a friend (idk his name) and after that I edited it more so credits to that person I don’t wanna get hey its fluffycharm here!! if any of you are curious on what i look like on graal era. Orange Girly CatWith Hair!!!!! (D3RP) I’ve seen this upload a lot on Graal Era and I thought it was cute so I took the original head from Mistachoco and I slightly edited the head only a bit. sleepus graal graphics. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. MoonGraal. Stats. Female Uploads. All head and body uploads are edited or made by me, pls credit if using in other websites. I am back to this site. You are free to upload them to Graal or re-edit them. Ryder. Leave a comment Bindi Heads. Old Female Sets. The girl head I edit from ruvcogfx. G on Graal Soundcloud. Two weeks ago I posted a few polls *here*. Bear. I’ll try to post every once a week :) Here are a few personals I’d like to share. Leave Feedback by Nanity. ♡ Graal custom GFX site ♡ Styles Gfx. remember this site is still in progress! enjoy and thanks for following me in my journey!! camiliagfx Uncategorized Leave a comment . December 10, 2014. I can do pro edits like many graphics on the face n change hairstyle. Graal Online Resumo Do Modelo De WordPress - Graal: grátis Graal Online, Modelo, Resumo, Wordpress, Wiki, Blog, Designer Gráfico, Pixel Art. Female sets (@frenchfriesart for more anime digital art) I just found these sets in yukimoongfx and more. Get Started BACKGROUND CODES. I am currently active in Graal Era with my old internet friends. Contact me in Graal Era for upload issues. iOS PC. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Another Elf Elf Freckled Elf My Old Personals Emo ;) RainbowZ Cat Ombre Red Head Set Panda Girl Mc; Mystic Messenger Yellow Haired Girl Blue Haired Girl Red Haired Girl Purple Haired Girl Green Haired Girl Bear Girl . ゚ *:・A Graal Gfx Site : *:・゚ . I DO NOT make heads or bodies for anyone but friends and my site, I’m really sorry and I hate saying no and ignoring you guys so just please don’t ask. Leave a comment. horn-shield-leah. Male Heads *set trans* -Kayla. October 21, 2020 October 25, 2020 ~ Star ~ Leave a . ~ Etoria. wordpress and I edit the boy head and the body from tiffanygraalgfx. Spoiled Girl Sets. Credits To -aggfx for the base head and extensions, -marshgraalgfx for the bangs and -azngirlzgfx for the Sets (female) Contact; Search for: Follow Blog via Email. New Graal Female Set (Quarantine #1) April 14, 2020 thisismage123 Leave a comment. universally gfx. m a c x h i. I believe most of us who worked here, including Joyce herself, has moved on from graal. 30th Dec 2016 at 8:40 pm. With the appearance of a mysterious virus that kills everyone above the age of 13, They don’t play Graal anymore and I’ve cut ties with them. com or juss derptastics website! please. If you would like to contact me My Username in Graal Online Classic is Leuk (Festive) . Quavo Cozart (Active)(1st Gen Godfather) Dede Cozart (Retired)(2nd Gen Godfather) LongLiveOriginalKemo (2012-2014). Yesterday i have customer he wants me to match it with the “Middle Age Staff” Unisex Head Customs | Graal Online Era GFX . Ya can use it, I will make my new personal, btw i do request in graal contact me if you want (gang leader of g0wther) i dont do hard gifs cause im lazy. August 15, 2021. NiSoKaGFX-Male Uploads ERA IMAGE UPLOAD How To Upload : Graal Era Female Heads . Upload Sites https://classicupload. Preview: Head File (PNG): Head . Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Just search for it here! Whether it was happy, sad or angry moments, i still treasure them all. 8 Mar 2021. Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. Lights†. Since this website is kinda dead, I’ve started my own with a friend of mine. Female. Easy Simple Graal Gfx. MALE HEADS; MALE BODIES; MALE. Seyan Graal Gfx. If you have edited it, the credits go to you and me. png (a little cookie) leahpurplenodeshield. serengfx. I started to play Graal again recently but I don’t know if i’m surely back and I don’t think I am since most of my friends quit. I am New site owner and i am working on drawing new heads and bodies on graal era. Get Started Graal Heads Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Female Set 01. Classic Upload Era Upload Ol’West Upload Zone Upload Delteria Upload. February 16, 2018 / Lights* / Leave a comment. FEMALE HEADS; FEMALE BODIES; MALE. This is so lovely of you to tell me that! You just made my day! I received your message on Graal Era! Thank you so much for taking your time to find me and god bless! 🙂 Sets; Bodies w/Ext; Bodies w/out Ext; Other sites; Contact; Female Heads. Join 61 other followers Email Address: Follow Blogs I Follow . A Graal Online Head and Body Edits. I made this for someone but since he never uses it I decided not to let it go to waste! The first one is the only one that blinks since that was the one to be uploaded. New weekly uploads. E. com . April 15, 2022 ~ Kate R. Click or tap on those menus above to see all of my edits. Welcome to my new site! You can find me on Graal Era at Jo* (Shanghai) -I make edits and girl heads. Wolf customs! first head was edited by my good friend Tricky! then on top of that i added a few more details, second head and body was edit by me! Edited both head and body, changed buns to cold changed white accents on body to match buns as well! by scargraal. About The Anime. cute graal customs! . kyaaa09 says: March 3, 2015 at 1:47 am Awsome graal heads Is it okay if i edit some and maybe publish i will credit you of Course! . 7) A nice looking blonde head. Female Dark Recolors- Female Couple Set. Posted in Uncategorized by jennettegraal. Em says: July 5, 2014 at 3:41 pm Yes. And especially the day i met everyone. ~ 1 Comment. Mavis – Hotel Transylvanya. ToxicityGfx Join 25 other followers. 5) When uploading a public shield or sword the file name is essential because that will determine the code name in-game. Personal head, split the colors added gold added evil face and angry eyes, and made exten. Xien Gfx. Graal depot bear recolors. kindly say ' cruzfamilygfxgraal. This girl named Pancake stole my personal head which comes with extensions I made and edited it for her own use. Fix All Problems In All Heads And Bodies One By One. Discord Link here! Chill server we currently have 200+ members *We accept everyone :)* 🤠 ***please note we are a new server, so please help support us :)***-If you were wondering whether you should join us thank you for taking your time 🥰🎮 -Also we allow Advertising We gamers, drama queens and memers **we are looking for staffs if . com ' Thanks so much! Original Graal Doll Customs by Bubby. When uploading remember to set transparency for BOTH and please give credit since I did make these. Click "Download File" for the full image. Added the hair to these (and also recolored) Hair by: Jamie gfx (cut from her head and pasted on head) Head by: yukimoon gfx. Writers Block. I edited these way back 2020 and I forgot where I got the original head from and the other parts, I’m very sorry for that, but if you’re familiar with the head and other parts don’t hesitate to . Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. png (body color) cyberbunny-dancing_bunnies. FOR THIS SET’S INDEXED BODIES, DOWNLOAD THE FILE FROM MY GOOGLE DRIVE: . If you want to own head or body contact me on graal era :MadMax (Bomb) And we will talk about it. Graal Era Heads And Bodies Sets. 2) A sexy and one of my favorite girl heads. And Soon We Will Do More And More Events Inside Graal. October 20, 2014 at 7:13 pm both. You can use them to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. Maia Andrew. We're lazy asf. Thank you! Loading. If the background is white/colored set transparency, if there is no background, don't set transparency. ALL OF THE GFX ON THIS SITE HAS EITHER BEEN CREATED OR EDITED BY Luke Brooks* ~ByLuke~ (Janoskians) PLEASE ENJOY AND FEEL FREE TO PM ME ON GRAAL ERA. Some of my custom palettes Graal Era custom site. There are three optional widget areas in the footer where you can put any content you like. Edited female body (Set Transparency) Credits to Agartha Gfx. Enter your account information. For starters, this Hina Amano was my old personal head but in different hair color and eyes. Credits to emmr and meeee c: If someone asks you who made your head or body that is in our site. Templates. But in the mean time you can add me on graal : Halle (coco puffs) Feel free to pm me by searching Rose (one) on Graal Classic . Enjoy and God Bless 🙂 CammpyGFX YukimoonGFX ItzAqua LyviaGFX Kelsiscarletfilla Elgfx Rachelgraalgfx cdgraalgfx sweetnsourgfx kawaiipixeltwins lineagraal Hallegfx kyleegfx NanityGraal Brielleox Caramel and Bear LucyGraal Eranox Yarexy Kelly GFX Loxo GFX Chevrolx Jade GFX Younggenerationgfx Heart Graal Riah Riah holidaycheergfx Cookiedoe Hyuners GFX Madijengfx Rinkateru Redvelvett Female straight/red hair with green eyes. Ellie and/or Lauren what is your Graal name? I would like to contact you to see if you can do something for me, Thanks a lot! (Love your work btw <3) . She also made a matching head for her bf using the base of my head. These heads I made by myself (so if you want to put it in your website, give credits to me thanks everyone)but the body is still from lyviagfx . My first edit also XD I’m a 15 year old sketch artist and I’m a beginner at editing teehee. Pingback: Another Set – TheYurikoPixel. Tag: Female Graal Heads Long-awaited Blinking Heads. Whether you are looking for Brown Hair Heads on Graal Classic, Graal Era, Graal Ol'West, or Graal Zone, we have several options for you!. hello my name is camilia i play graal olwest and graal era, if u would like to message me and end up on this gfx site u can message me some positive or funny stuff! here i will do edits for boys and girls. Get Started Custom uploads will make your Graal character stand out. Emely nicol says: 30/11/2021 at 09:37. home Overall Female body *set trans* -Kayla. :s. FIR. August 24, 2018 July 23, 2020. Sab Leave a comment. ) One day, she downloaded GIMP and played around with pixels. People told me to edit some Head with Extensions, Feel free to use it! 🍒 . Bilsan GFX. May 2016. manufacturing non-competitive. I didn’t make recolors for the darker colors though (blue, purple, black) because they don’t turn out very well. 🖤GFX for graalians🖤 . Even though i might be alone, matured, and still have yet to live my life. August 4, 2019 Sunnams Leave a comment. blink & aghase shields. Download File. Clear and About Male Era Graal Heads Black . SET TRANSPARENCY. A world beyond yours filled with styles fit for the Divine herself 8 thoughts on “ 🌸Female Heads . Pique is a one-page scrolling theme designed to show your business in its best light. “Set Transparency” for these heads. Here’s Graal Bodies for u guys! Hope u like it =D. Unused Triplets of me and my friends, Seah and Mira. :v. Female Set. ChaTemGFX. however i’m probably not going to edit or draw stuff for graal anymore. GraalOnline Era . If you want one of those head up there in a different color shoot me a pm with a specific color. This is an edit of one of the more common heads guys wear, I just changed the skin, eyes, and hair a bit. Another Elf. I made the . theme. Its another edit of Latte’s Sweater Body :3. Customs Viewer. Female straight strawberry blonde head with turquoise eyes. Customs. I have a customer that requested a scar gif and when she uploaded the head got denied, she pmed an admin about it turned out that gif are no longer acceptable in graal (era) So i pmed admin Lux for comfirmation and yeap, unfortunately we can no longer use any cool eye animation . Drag and drop customs or click on the graalian to select a file. X. This is a text widget, which allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. com! Credits to Azngirlzgfx for the female body. Not made by me :) (Remember to Set Oct. Ty. Quiero otro cuerpo. 2 August,2015 2 August . A female upload! Edited by Harriet . Click here for the Gani Viewer. The body beside the head is a non-cc, the first fiona body is cc and the one beside isn't and the one beside the other extension body is cc. I also play IdentityV so add me there to @MissRave or 799066. October 21, 2020 October 25, 2020 ~ Star ~ Leave a comment. Now you have the image to upload to Graal AND , feel free, to do any recolors or edits that you like on paint. I LOVE IT WHEN I SEE FELLOW GRAALIANS APPRECIATE Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Earrings & body – bear (added extension for the body + indexed) Skin tone – Was in a folder full of heads, not really sure which site was this head so please let me know. dont forget to set transparency on cc bodies! GFX for Graal Online Classic/Era/Zone. 1- Jack Skeleton 2- Purple Cate 3- Cute pig 4- Crazy Magoo 5- Ocean Queen 6- Sweet Ghost 7- Noob Is Frozen 8- Cat 9- Noob Zombie 10- Mad Hatter 11- Broken Doll 12- But my sister (Check out her site Audy GFX !! All her work is adorable ) made some heads and I really wanted to edit them. Skip to content. Body editor colors. (idk if its cc) Credits to Crazycookiegraal for the male body. Hey guys a lot of you ask me to make/edit you heads or bodies. (more recolors soon these are just the starting four) Also I fucking hate this new wordpress editing shit, goodbye. gfx. ☕credits☕ 1M Special (?) Winter days. MALE HEADS. Female bodies~ Female Heads~ Male Bodies~ Male Heads~ My GFX Idols~ Sets~ Unisex stuffz~ Sickening. com https://zoneupload. Posted on Nov 28, 2019 Jan 2, 2020 Author lyragfx Leave a comment on new posts coming! Mystic. One Eye – Uno Ojo. 3 August,2015 3 August,2015 max261099 Leave a comment. Maybe a comeback. If you’re looking for a specific head, body, or set in particular, please use the sub-sub menu. By:Dram Gun. Maid Hoodie + Long Sleeves. Polly. hey guys, recently my inspiration for the KPOP collection has so I decided to make this TXT era “blue hour” enjoy. Mad Eyes. The head came from emmr's site. May 6, 2015 at 9 . Credits to original owner . kaley1233. Do not “Set Transparency” for body. Melanie Martinez inspired set. 4,2014. a GraalOnline era player and that's my new gfx website. mag's graphics. (i always change my in-game name cause i have issue lmao) anyways, the reason why this would be my last work is because i’m not active in graal plus i want to stop doing . If you see that I edited one of the customs you made and you don’t want them to be . I either have a white haired head on, or a brown haired head with glasses! (Brown was edited by me, supposed to be me) (and the white haired is made by my best friend Quercy! His site is quercygfx. Graal Era/Classic Editor. enjoy this head <33 just wanted to say if you guys haven't noticed i've quit graal sadly, im sorry for those who enjoy my customs im glad you do but for my sake i will not be doing gfx anymore. Please give me Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Don’t set transparency except for head #1 . A GraalOnline site for Graalians. Graal Customs made by Kelsie and Destiny and Yasmin♡ . ) Illegal Gif in Graal Era. (Made some changes for the skin tone, added freckles + darken a bit . credit to aya for the black hair, red cheeks and blue eyes palettes and mithos for the pink hair palette. Search. graal era customs 💋 . Credits: All me, babe. I made some with and without earrings. I'M Back Graalians! New Customs coming before january 1st 2021 to this page! Keep checking for random updates. Best uploads and guides about Graal Online Classic! Menu. – emerald ♡. 2021 March 6 2021 March 7 plhgfx Leave a comment. just another kawaii site. b a b i e GraalOnline Era. well i’ve been very incative on here, i’m not sure if i will rlly comeback idk hehdhjdks, but i made some heads here so a idk. Home Page; Bodies (boys) Bodies (girls) Bodies (others) Codes; GFX Friends; Graal Guides; Heads (boys) Heads (girls) Heads (others) Opinion Polls; Guilds; . Aya's Little . png. I will put all the edits and customs I make here. anbu anbu kakashi female kakashi graal graal kakashi graal online graal online . Skip to secondary content. July 6, 2021 ~ yum_yunaa ~ Leave a comment. Add New Ways So Visitors Can Communicate With Us. November 24, 2021 ~ Miyabi Graal. Other: Vote View Results. You can change colors on these. BXLE Sets. Nammie gfx. I mostly will be making females heads for now, but will also do the occasional body, hat, horse, and maybe even some guy heads :0 The heads I post aren’t always 100% original, sometimes I just edit the animation or re-color, but if I do I promise to give the original maker credit. On July 28, 2020 By Mina <3 Leave a comment. shop weed online says: November 4, 2019 at 4:27 PM. Any Head or body didnt work?Just send it to me at gmail (moaaza30@gmail. body does not change color and set transparancy for the body:p. AND AS A BONUS! I'm Sean an old player of Graal online classic! Please enjoy my works! God bless! Skip to content. Dolly Tails. Idle Sit Grab Walk. I hope you like!! “Set Transparency” for the heads not bodies. 2nd one found on graal depot, Nerdy & Abby . Set Transparency for body and Do not set for the head. I just feel like I need to state something because literally it bothers me that much some of you people are like this . Get Started Here's all the male heads I posted :D. Head Body Shield Sword Guild Logo Guild Hat Guild Acc. April 15, 2020 Leave a comment. Also I’m still Accepting Custom Edits Requests. March 4, 2018 March 16, 2018 by Amberli. E-mail address: Image File: File Type: Head Body Personal Shield Public Shield Set Transparency: (It sets the transparent color as the same color in the top left corner of the image). Bikini. Correct sizes plz cz when i try to upload a head it tells me its too small or that i have to set transparency . Dolly. I hang infront of the bank, inside the bank, or at the Graal City gate, advertising my Codeshop. tywastaken. Public Shield – 1,000 gralats Personal Shield – 2,500 gralats. Shield codes and Hats. QED Club: Jamie. png (tape on mouth) leahshield2. Written by merrygraal. Graal Online – Female Sets with Extensions. File Size: 8 kb. I wont ever forget the day i first started graal, the day i joined that very guild, the day i felt so happy to go on graal each time. ~ Leave a . Freckled Elf. c x Uploads for graal. 6) A sexy purple-haired girl. Custom Sets. Leave a Reply Cancel . Im working in the best head of all graal based on chronicle head and other head i have created a Epic and original rainbow head!!! Leave a comment. I wasn’t able to make a blink, since I don’t have my pc on me, but I’ll have the bodies she edited edited further to suit these heads and post them in a little while ♥️ ♥️ enjoy! I promised I’ll be less inactive in the future because I also wanna keep up with graal editing. If you have a specific request, Contact me in Graal. But I might start editing uploads again. Japanese styled set pre-release. set transparency when uploading the . Female Sets [Female] Blonde Hair Sets [Female] Brown Hair Sets [Female] Black Hair Sets . Like Like. On July 27, 2020 By Mina <3 Leave a comment. Yukata Collection. Moral of the story is: This GFX site has almost hit 1,000 views. png; Code name ingame will be similar to the fie name like; setsword zeussword. COMES WITH A CODE: aero-redextension. others: set of five, kboys. Instagram: idv . We mostly make female heads. Boy Bodies . If I do, it might take me a while to remember how to do it again. Get Started Welcome to Inspirational Quotes. For everyone I can just recolor the head. The face is made by me so please do give credits when you use it! I’ll make more skintones soon + different . credits : -merry (merryedits) for both the head and body. The head I'll be posting as soon as possible will be a female marionette head in brunette and blonde straight hair. say it in the comments =3. Idk I did a hair gif . female bodies. But you can ask me to upload, change the hair on bodies, and index bodies I do it FOR FREE! Here are all the female heads for you lovely ladies :) Have fun looking through them all! Some blink, and some don't; if you want one to just comment or email me. Female Male Heads Bodies Uploads Sets for Graal Classic Era Zone West Bodies from scratch turtorials Cat Bodies Weddin Dresses Hoodies Tuxedo. It’s my favorite website, you should go check it out cx. Pigtails Set. Welcome to my blog! graal classic male bodies provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. Spoiled Girl’s Sister. Sailor Sets. 11) A white head. Head Body Shield Sword Gang Logo Guild Hat Guild Acc. credits to qwerty for the og . com is the world's largest online destination for care. I liked your site, but it has a head that the graal is not accepting because of the pixels ;—; Like Like. by K4Y | Last updated Apr 1, 2022 | Graal Online, Graal Online Bodies, Graal Online Classic, Graal Online Era, Graal Online GFX, Graal Online Heads, Graal Online Ol'West Graal Ol West GFX Battle! June 21, 2018. The companion (Male set) will be coming in the next post. Female heads; Male heads; Female heads. Hey! I got really bored so I finally decided to edit these lmao. Welcome to the Female Heads Section! Here are over 100+ FREE Female Heads template from others site for GraalOnline Classic, GraalOnline Era, GraalOnline Zone, GraalOnline Ol'West and more GraalOnline Servers!. SET SHIELD: alinas_glow_shield_(a color). Okay, so if your walking around graal wearing one of head/body edits and a person pms you asking where you got your head/body please say www. These two colors are used for transparency in-game and will not be visible on any images that are uploaded. Anyway let me know if there is a problem on upload some of our heads! SET TRANSPARENCY UNKNOWN SET TRANSPARENCY OR NOT DO NOT SET TRANSPARENCY ^ Ashton and Ashyy ^ . Please select what type of upload you’re looking for: head, body, or set. Hello Viewers, I have decided to work on graphics today and I am proud to share with everyone a new one-sided braid female set. Fixed •Credits to azngirlzgfx for the bodies. idk, you tell me. the one with one side purple one side blue it wont let me upload it to graal era please help. I’ve been trying to find you on Graal Era T_T. Kelly Set. by emeraldlovegfx. Visit the post for more. June 20, 2015 June 20, 2015 Leave a comment. :) **DISCLAIMER**. Unused Triplets. stufF. October 27, 2020. Anyway this took so much effort, credits to myself Enjoy – Raey. On November 6, 2012, Donald Trump tweeted: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new content I mean iEra on playerworlds). ifiler: Pancake. I finished the original (female) and made some recolors for it. Posted by . And Graal Era or Classic. Create a website or blog at WordPress. BAPE (1993-2093) Body Set (Male) A body set inspired by the iconic streetwear clothing brand “ A Bathing Ape ” or commonly referred as “ BAPE . Amaranthine GFX. derpgraal. com https://olwestupload. But feel free to recolor or edit/customize the head yourself. (Set transparency/ CC) Please give credit if you use these bodies ️ . Leave a comment Nappy Fresh Cut. And, yes, I made NightMist's head. October 19, 2013 at 8:15 pm It won’t let me upload because the backround is invisible. Old Personal Head + Hina-chan. Qwerty. MadMax Stranger Thinghs. November 22, 2016 ~ Plushy Kitten ~ 3 Comments. Set Transparency for these. oi pessoal, recentemente minha inspiração para a coleção KPOP foi então resolvi fazer essa “blue hour” da era Give 100% credit made by me. August 29, 2020 by xMiHO ♥ 0 Leave a Comment. (Shanghai) on Era. Like Liked by 1 person. Set transparency! Credits to: Lucy . Bye all the narwhals out there! December 6, 2014. A Female Head Made By Me <3. oi pessoal, recentemente minha inspiração para a coleção KPOP foi então resolvi fazer essa “blue hour” da era TXT, aproveitem. 🥛collection: kpop🥛. The bodies for the couple sets are cc and I will make gifs for the heads . I took so much time on this, finally can do cc (colour changeable) bodies, and I hope you guys enjoy! Sorry to the boys, I’ll work on a boys set next – Raey. I recolored the bangs different colors & changed the eye colors. 1. Here’s another female head collection. Also comment below if you have problems such as non colorchangeable bodies, set transparency though! or hmu on discord Nessa#0765. Madeline's Princess Castle. End. ~ Do NOT set transparency ~ Original creds to Sophie ~ Give me credit for the edit! ~ Read the Uploading Rules! Black Hair: Blond Hair: Brown Hair: Red Hair: P. wordpress. these are the animations that are not allowed in graal era. Home; Boy heads; Girl Heads; I’m back ! May 15, 2020 by Kurostar. Izaria CrUeL's GFX. At the 24 head , can you make the head without the second face because graal era refused this head . I will make gifs for the heads and the bodies are cc. It’s the one with the straight, red hair and blue eyes. Plain: Rose pattern: Normal recolors: You can’t change colors on these ones. I made a slight change on the female making it more like a boy in one of the vers (the one with a rose pattern). 6) Public shield/swords cost 1000 gralats. My personal favorites are numbers 1, 4A, 4B, and 8B! Not all of the bodies in this picture are on LLclassic either because they’re . A body set inspired by the iconic streetwear clothing brand “A Bathing Ape” or commonly referred as “BAPE. by Soroya. When it comes to bodies I CANNOT make the body color changeable. ~ Leave a comment. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger All heads without a background set transparency so the upload will be accepted. This is a preview of a couple set . nokativi says: May 22, 2018 at 2:30 am. It’s been a while and I’m VERY sorry for leaving you guys and you probably think, “Hey it’s another dead GFX site where they constantly talk about coming back!” and yeah you’re sorta right but I’ve been doing a bit of poking around in gfx files and I found something pretty neat and had an Idea! Enter your account information. Do not forget to credit this website to appreciate our works too. Female bodies; More amazing sites ^_^ Hair gif. Graal Era Female Heads Credit for heads and bodies to qwerty. All my custom/edited female heads can be found on the “Heads(Girls)” page. bee-diocre graal uploads just girl heads. Its was a moment that we dreamt about,Thank You All 100k visitors<3. Graal Classic Customs! Youtube; kurostargraal. Female Sets. and here is some other shield i made :D (for classic but i’ve lost the templates) leahshield. png (a little purple node) i made them when i was noob xD so keep caaalm. Nico Graal Web. So this was originally commissioned by Maddi, but it now belongs to Seren. SET TRANS. Creds: Yuki GFX and Kelsi. Then, Here’s some other bodies that u don’t need to Set Transparency . Ahri + Non-humans. But, I finished them in record time (for me of course. Lyragfx instagram . Linda~ October 19, 2013 at 7:35 pm You can’t?;0 don’t check set transperancy box:o if it still doesn’t work, i can upload for u. November 4, 2016 October 29, 2018 kyoumiii Leave a comment. Curly Braids (No Body) Wushy Wush Ran Out Of Titles. Credits: Kawaiipixeltwins , NaturalBeautyGFX and trinitwysGFX. I have seen people wearing it already on graal. Поделиться ссылкой: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: . Select an upload type. File Type: png. July 24, 2016 September 12, 2020 Leave a comment. Credit is given on home page 💛 . If you’re interested in buying a head, please DM me on Discord! My Discord is aud#7138. You can see me there opening a small editing shop With cheap prices ofc~. sarah's gfx Heads Bodies Sets. Custom palette. give credit to sophie, mithos, poochy, me and the other artists (i honestly forgot most of them, so if you notice something familiar from a site or if you see something that you partook in, please let me know) sorry for being inactive, ive been really busy and i didnt have much motivation to create new uploads. Some quick boy heads 4 breakfast – Lyvia. I have been gone over a year and the site has died. I’m a 2015 graal online classic player so feel free to add meh @MissRave. Ok I still play graal but don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t do GFX anymore. bee-diocre graal uploads just Female Heads; Male Heads; Bodies; Sets; 80s Inspired. AzureStar's Graal Graphics Site! Thursday, 26 February 2015. Please credit us and anyone else as needed if you use or edit, thank you! October 3, 2013 at 3:55 am. Ever After High – Sets-Kitty Chashire. Graal Customs and Weird Stuff. Graal Upload GFX Site. Creds to deh owner. I play on a game called Graal online classic we make uploads heads body's and more! My name is Tuppie* and i hope to see you with one of my uploads and others from fallengfx! . -Long hair Thanks!. But it is not otherwise. I did a few shading adjustments in the hair to match era’s style. I CANNOT make it gif, for you idiots gif means making it blink or other things move. Sorry for not posting in a while, I been busy irl lol. Get Started A different lookingColor-changeable hoodie*Set Transparency Before Uploading. No intervention needed, I try my best. Or you can leave a comment on the “Requests” page. May 14, 2018 May 14, 2018 kayla@turtlegfx Leave a comment. Posted on July 29, 2018 by KayrrotGfx. for all the kpop lovers out there, i made a code based off the lighsticks of the kpop groups GOT7 and BLACKPINK (sorry for the pale hand, i would upload more skin colors How To Upload : Graal Era Female Heads Female Bodies Other GFX Websites Ifiled Heads Ifiled heads. Evil-looking female cat sets. I will be posting iFiled heads and bodies from Graal Classic, Era, Zone, and Ol’ West. New set. Made face, edited hair color, added black and gold, added exten to body. Great. also i play classic. Many people love this set so I decided to re-edit it! Here’s the original edit 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 . March 18, 2020 September 19, 2021 by Nuxx ♥ 0 Leave a Comment Gif might not be accepted on graal era, my apologies </3:) 2021 March 23 plhgfx Leave a comment. Qt Kitty. BAPE (1993-2093) Body Set (Male). wanted to use this upload but i ended up not liking it so uh here u can have it recolors soon ehe. SET TRANSPARENCY ! 1 Comment. Agartha. Hello guys! This is my first post. Hello again, I’m one of the new recruits of this lovely sexy blog full of hot pixels. png (only work for classic) my unicorn shield :D. My Old Personals. I will post these uploads either this week or next week hopefully . To anyone else participating, I wish you the best of luck!! The last day is July 24, so . November 11, 2017. Posts about female written by Poppy. Happy Graaloween! Uploads are 50% off now and I can’t find a matching body (or think of ideas for one) for the new head I edited for myself. Edited from lyviagfx (did not erase her watermark :)) Custom cat heads. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, graal classic male bodies will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. October 11, 2020 October 11, 2020 Seyan Gfx Leave a comment. Female Heads; Graal Codes; Male Bodies; Male Heads; Unisex Bodies/Head; Female Bodies *YOU NEED SET TRANSPARENCY FOR SOME OF THEM OR ELSE IT WON’T WORK* . It works on all graal or just era? Reply. Okay, so I’m sure Ol West players already know, but there is a graphics battle currently and the theme this year is carnival! So far I’ve made 4 hats, which I plan on improving. Credits to Mariagfx. Female sets. Create your website with WordPress. White Hair. Reply. It was a fun run while it lasted and I can’t believe people still view this site so much. Omarion Da Plug. Female Sets; Male Sets; Templates; Private; Home; Blog; Are you ready for more? We are here to serve your needs. wordpress so credits to them. L‘. Here are the prices for custom uploads on GraalOnline Era, Classic, Zone & Olwest. Skip to primary content. Chubby Set (Extensions) Tina Set (Extensions) Melim Set Mabel Set(Extensions) Couple – Female(Extension) Buns Set (Extension) Welcome to BunnyLooGfx. Ally & Ari. GIF Byluke gfx. I do understand that the head is a bit blurry but they both look well together. Elf. Wavy. The order is from left to right, I will post number 1 then I will post both 2’s and so on. toad’s public Gfx. August 11, 2020 September 19, 2021 by Nuxx ♥ 0 Leave a Comment. png (cat ears) cookiebyleahshield. . Kaitlyn10126 says: July 24, 2014 at 9:33 am can u do more head’s with eye blinking? What is Graal Era Female Heads. ~ GrayMadrazo. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. First male head. Shield Type. For girls I can recolor the head to the color of one of the body extensions. Menu Contact; Heads (Female) Animals/non human. Get started. com) and tell me its problem. 1 Season 5 5. Sailor Girl Sets (PART 2) Female Head. March 10, 2020. I made these bodies for myself but I don't use them, don't claim them as your own when I made them from scratch tysm ~Raven . Korean Collection. 4) A nice red head with earrings. my graal instagram. Eul for the male template used on the first one. Girl Bodies; Girl Heads; Male. gif (dancing bunnies). If Discord isn’t an option, you may contact me through Instagram @vitnoll (But Discord is preferred). Enjoy! Mgbyte Graal . Um, can you fix the transparency on one of the red heads at the top? Specifically, the head that’s one head to the right of the red head with cat ears. to not make you wait a long time, I’ve made an extensionless version of the head ! full set (not so) soon. Eul's Gfx. JinJinGfx. GraalOnline Classic R a m & R e m -CXu. They're often represented as (0, 0, 0) and (255, 255, 255) in RGB format or #000000 and #FFFFFF in hex format. When I asked her about it she was very rude and . Posted on July 31, 2021 July 31, 2021 by fso.

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